Is It Safe to Use Kibin or Not?

Is It Safe to Use Kibin or Not?

Kibin services

If you are looking for an essay writing service, then Kibin is not for you. Kibin is a proofreading and editing service. In our opinion, having your essay being corrected and edited is critical if you want to present your ideas academically.

In this Kibin review, we will provide a review for this editing site, how much it charges, the quality of the service and the feedback its customers gave.

What Are the Services Offered by Kibin?

If you are a student or a business professional and need a document to be proofread and edited professionally, then Kibin can help you with that. However, don’t confuse this editing company with a service that writes essays because you will be sorely disappointed.

The company states that their method of reviewing, editing and correcting is done thoroughly. They analyze sentence structures, mechanics, coherency, structure and fluency in a comprehensive manner. For every correction, the editor will provide an explanation to its client in a professional manner.

Going Deeper

We sent a file containing some errors like incorrect subject-verb agreement, weak transitions, and no thesis statement. We received the document back, and the mechanical errors were corrected, but the mistakes regarding structuring, transition mistakes, and others have not been corrected nor mentioned.

For a basic subscription, this is low-quality service. The results are disappointing, and we would avoid future services from this company.

The Prices

You won’t find any prices until you start the ordering process, but before that, you must pay for a subscription. You cannot submit any document if you don’t subscribe. The price is calculated according to how many words the document contains and the deadline, which is calculated in hours.

Are There Any Discounts?

Sadly, there are no discounts and no coupon codes. We think that such a service will get more customers if they offered for each new user a promo code, but it looks like it won’t happen.

What Do the Testimonials Say?

The customer reviews are mixed, but most clients are not pleased with the services. The first thing they mentioned was the high price of the services considering what they got in the end. Some mentioned that there is no real editing or proofreading done on their documents.

There are many errors left and the fact that you also need to purchase a subscription makes this company not worth of your time and money. If you require urgent help, then you will also be disappointed because the only way you can contact the company is through e-mail.

The e-mail service is manned only eight hours a day, so you get the idea. Also, the site is not user-friendly. You will have to struggle to get to the option or service you want. The site needs a lot of work to run optimally.

Overall, this company has a low rating on many levels.

Conclusion is not an excellent service. In fact, we would say that for the money you pay and the product you get, it feels more like it is a fraud or scam. For the prices paid, you will get better services elsewhere.

Kibin review